• Adrienne Costello

Super Changes...

The super changes continue to dominate the headlines and the clock is ticking. With less than 120 days until implementation it's time to check that your fund is in order. Whilst it may seem that only members with larger balances will be affected, it's important to realise that everyone with superannuation will be affected. With changes to reduce the amount of contributions that can be made, there are also some important favourable changes that come into play that you may be unaware of - for example changes to the Spouse Contribution Tax Offset, and the deductibility of personal super contributions.

Funds with members with higher member balances have the most to consider with what action to take prior to 30th June, and while there are vast amounts of material detailing the changes, it's important to note that in some cases we still don't have a clear position. The ATO has issued Law Companion Guidelines (LCG) covering the major changes but these are still in draft form and are awaiting finalisation. Unfortunately, for some funds it's still "watch this space" to know the best action to take. Tick, tick, tick.


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